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Premium Smart Instant Hot and Cold Water Purifier- Waterbar Pro

Premium Smart Instant Hot and Cold Water Purifier- Waterbar Pro

وحدة SKU: N0918-CHW

Waterbar Pro is tankless instant hot and cold water purifier that dispense fresh filtered water according to your desire at one touch. The filters utilise 3 NSF certified materials that are engineered to remove 99.999% of water contaminants and leave the healthy minerals needed by our bodies. It is also certified by Korean Muslim Federation (KMF) as HALAL consumer goods.

It is a 1st Grade for Energy Efficiency Rate (EER) and may save over 80% of the energy bills charges you receive on monthly or annually basis compared to the conventional water purifiers on the market.

With the ideal for rinsing, cooking and drinking preparation of hot beverages such as coffee and tea, infant milk, and ice-cold filtered water. The one-touch button allows you to easily select ambient, iced-cold and hot water. Moreover, you can select a cup, 550ml, and continuous extraction mode, you can also remove the tray and use various sizes of bottles. Beside, the tap can be easily remove by the user and clean it easily.

Even without an expert's help, every user is able to exchange the filters easily and conveniently.


    Color: White
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    Monthly Rental
    179٫00RMكل شهر لمدة 36 من الشهور
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